Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Winter shopping list...

Technically I'm not supposed to be shopping... I just had a huge spending binge (mostly on corporate wear and cosmetics) and we're looking to buy a house at the moment, so I really should be saving my pennies for mortgage repayments, stamp duty, Kitchenaid mixers and homewares...

However, the weather in Melbourne has suddenly become bitterly cold, and I think I need some new winter essentials to get me through the next few months!

Leopard print ballet flats (Sambag)

Okay so technically these aren't really "winter shoes" but I have wanted some leopard ballets for such a long time!  Last month's Shop Til You Drop magazine featured a really cute (and affordable) pair from Marcs, but of course they're no longer in store - hate that!  These pony hair ballets from Sambag look even better.
A cropped peacoat for casual wear - (Marcs, Country Road)

Most of my coats are distinctly corporate so they can look a little odd paired with jeans and boots at the footy on the weekend.  Either of these peacoats would be perfect over skinny jeans with my Demons scarf!

Striped blazer - (Marcs)

I'm obsessed with anything striped at the moment, and I've admired this blazer for awhile.  It's not something I need in my wardrobe though... (on that note, do I actually need any of these things?)

Black suede over-the-knee boots (Tony Bianco)

I've needed new flat black boots for the last 2-3 years so this year I am definitely on the hunt for the perfect pair!  I have a feeling I could be too short to pull these off so I'll have to try them on before making up my mind... perhaps I would be better off with a shorter pair.

A new (black) cropped cardi (Country Road)

I accidentally washed the black cardigan I wear to work with my regular load last weekend and it came out with a big hole in it! :( Finding a new cardi is a must.  I quite like the look of this one in black.

Basket stitch knit  (Trenery)

I admired this lovely knit in the new Trenery catalogue, and there is a spend and save on at the moment!  Might have to try it on tomorrow...

Black suede heels (Country Road)
Purely for work... I love suede heels but don't yet have a pair in my collection!

Cigarette leg trousers (Marcs)
A staple item that is missing from my wardrobe.
Animal print scarf (Witchery)
I just purchased a couple of inexpensive leopard print scarves but this one is perfection... must have!!
YSL Gloss Volupte gloss sticks
A cross between a lipstick and a lip gloss?  Yes, please!

Unfortunately tomorrow is pay day and I'm dying to hit the shops.  In my quest to become indebted to a bank for the next 30 years, I will be good and save my pennies... but maybe one or two of the items above might come home with me this weekend!


  1. I LOVE those leopard print shoes... I have a secret... I got a REALLY good leopard print scarf from SUSSAN's the other day.. ahahha SO embarrassing haahahahaaha but it's AWESOME!!

  2. I love all these, you have great taste!

  3. i have those flats!
    i want those boots!
    i think you can pull them off fo sho.