Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Eve...

New Year's Eve in Melbourne was ridiculously hot; 41 degrees in fact.  (I can't stand hot weather - any hotter than about 32 degrees, I melt).

I headed to the beach with some friends.  I was a bit apprehensive after noticing the forecast for 60km wind gusts on my iPhone!  It was okay to begin with - we enjoyed a lovely swim - but once the winds picked up it became unbearable on the sand and we had to abort our mission!  No photos as I left my camera at home in fear of the sand that would potentially have ruined it.

Instead, I'll share some photos from Dromana on NYE 2009 - a perfect beach day, on which I got ridiculously sunburnt (at least this time around I didn't get burnt!!)

After a refreshing cold shower which lasted about 20 minutes (it took that long to get all the sand off me!) I changed and prepped for NYE 2010.

This year A and I decided to go low-key and spend the evening with my parents.  We ate an early dinner at my favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Victoria Street and then headed into the city.  Realising we were too early for the 9.15pm fireworks, we walked from the top of Collins Street down to Crown (in 39 degree heat, ugh!)

Once we arrived in the glorious air-conditioned comfort of Crown, I made a beeline for the lobby of Crown Towers to see if the Christmas decorations were still up, and they were:

Pretty Christmas tree!!

After some time playing the pokies (and sulking because I lost my money) and a journey to Lygon Street for gelati (nearly everything in Lygon Street was closed on NYE, including the gelati shop!!) we headed 44 storeys up to watch the fireworks from the top of Collins Street.

We had such an amazing view of Melbourne's skyline and the fireworks - they were truly spectacular.

We had a fantastic night!  Wishing you all the best for 2011 x

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