Monday, January 24, 2011

Australian Open

I took an annual leave day today and went to the tennis.  I love going to the tennis, I go every year.  This year was just okay.  We had great seats in Rod Laver Arena but the schedule of play was less than inspiring to say the least.

There were only 2 matches on today.

Soderling v Dolgopolov (this was actually a great match, really entertaining and 5 sets)

Murray v Melzer (borrrrrrrring)

Because Murray smashed Melzer off the court pretty quickly, they moved a mixed doubles match into Rod Laver.  I only stayed for the first set.

I really wanted to see Rafa.  Or Rog.  I got really angry when I saw the schedule of play and took it out on Channel 7, blaming them for scheduling matches according to what suits their TV ratings.  Then I just found out that Federer is playing during the day TOMORROW.  Plus two good women's matches.  Not happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I still had a good day.  I was a bit worried initially because we bought shade tickets and so I wore jeans and didn't bring a hat or sunscreen.  When we arrived our seats were in full sun... oh no.  I went to get coffee and A secretly went and bought me a visor and some sunscreen (sweet!)  Then the sun went away and I didn't even need the hat.  I still got really burnt too despite putting lots of (expensive tennis) sunscreen on.  Oh well.  It will tan eventually.

I spotted Matt Preston in the crowd.   Billy Connolly was also there during the Andy Murray game.

Have you seen Rafa's new campaign for Emporio Armani? 

I think these pictures speak for themselves!


  1. ahahh
    i love that even though its summer and full on sun, matt is still wearing his blazer.
    as if he wouldn't be boiling under that outfit!!

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